Are you looking for inspiration, motivation and upliftment?

The short and sweet videos, that you will have access to every week for 12 weeks, include simple tips and tools that you can easily integrated into your life and workday to help inspire, motivate, and uplift you and improve your overall well-being.

This series is perfect for you if you want to feel good, and wish to confidently show up in your life and your business with more energy, positivity, and light.

Client Feedback

“You have added so much value to my life and I am so grateful. I am now becoming lighter, happier, energetic, active and balanced.”

Yeshmeeta Peters

“Debra is such a knowledgeable and encouraging person, and she has an immensely kind and positive energy which is both comforting and invigorating. I would encourage anyone who is looking for self-discovery and direction to join any one of her programs for a life-changing experience.”

Debbie Wickens

“Debra is a radiant, kaleidoscopic pillar of support and strength, spreading her wisdom with spoonful’s of love and light with every video. ”

Sally Gale

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12 weeks 12 video's