Align Yourself with Pilates

Pilates is designed to Align your body on a physical level and improve back health and posture, which really is amazing for you if you sit behind a laptop for long periods at a time.

Release stress and tension

Pilates also works on the brain and neuromuscular system, helping to regenerate your cells and release unwanted nervous tension from your system, which is why you feel so light, clear, relaxed, and refreshed after each session.

Unlock your potential

Practicing Pilates and applying the 8 principals brings you into a complete body mind connection, where you are fully present and engaged in each movement. It’s in this state that you are able to open up your intuition, expand your consciousness, elevate your vibrational frequency, uplift your energy levels and expand your creative potential.

Course Outline

    1. Pilates Video Series Welcome and Introduction

    1. Pilates Video Series 1

    2. Pilates Video Series 1

    1. Pilates Video Series 2

    2. Pilates Video Series 2

    1. Pilates Video Series 3

    2. Pilates Video Series 3

    1. Pilates Video Series 4

    2. Pilates Video Series 4

    1. Pilates Video Series 5

    2. Pilates Video Series 5

About this course

  • $76.00
  • 25 lessons
  • 6 hours of video content

Client Feedback

“I just love the Pilates Video Series. It’s the perfect way to add extra stretching & workouts into a busy life. It’s fantastic that you have the videos to use at your convenience and can go at your own pace. Debra is the best Pilates instructor and I really look forward to feeling her positivity and energy every time I start a video. I highly recommend the video series to any Pilates lover!”

Vicky Soper

“The Pilates classes are so amazing as Debra has a calmness and serenity about her. She makes the exercise fun, motivating and enjoyable. I have really become more energetic, and I don’t feel tired all the time anymore which is great!”

Yeshmeeta Peters

“For years I have been facing the dilemma of how to get more active without impacting my knees, after I injured them some years back. I can safely say that Pilates is my new favourite form of exercise! I was pleasantly surprised how quickly I got comfortable with it. I have loved seeing myself get more flexible and fitter with each week that passes. ”

Phindile Madlala

“The stretches have helped me to relax after a long workday and to become more flexible with a stronger core. Many thanks Debra, you are a breath of fresh air! ”

Pianca Meintjies

“Debra is not only a motivating, highly knowledgeable and inspiring instructor but she is expert in delivering the sessions as VILT (virtual instructor led training).”

Eulaine Kruger

“Pilates has helped me become healthier and happier as it has helped my bad back to get much stronger.”

Zaa Melaia

“I am truly grateful for my weekly Pilates video as I now have my very own collection of videos to help me stay focused and fit. The best part about having these videos is that I can practice Pilates at any time during the day or evening. Thank you again Debra for a truly wonderful journey and for giving me something to enable me to stay on the road to fitness and good health. ”

Charmaine Munsamy

Be led by me through each series

Purchase my 12 Week Pilates Video Series, and be led by me in the comfort of your own home, at a time and on a day that works for you and your schedule. On enrolment you shall have access to your first 30-minute Pilates video to practice and then one each week there after. Keeping healthy, fit, flexible and toned just got so much easier for you.